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The Law School Trip  by  Andrew J. McClurg

The Law School Trip by Andrew J. McClurg
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Prepare yourself for a long strange trip from which there is no return - The Law School Trip - a twisted insiders guide to the surreal world of legal education. Written by an award-winning law professor and humorist, The Law School Trip is the step-by-step guide that unlocks all the secrets of law school (to unlock the actual school, purchase The Lock-Picking Trip separately). In this one book, youll learn about:* The LSAT and other registered trademarks* Rankings: Feeling good about not getting into Harvard* Surviving the Socratic method with treatable injuries* Lucky charms and other tips for exam success* The Horribly Evil Bluebook* Fun, Fun, Fun and the Rule Against Perpetuities* Learning to love Mrs.

Palsgraf* Strange Creatures from Outer Space and other law faculty* Laws Greatest Hits: Best First-Year Cases* Writing a resume your therapist would be proud of* And much, much more!The perfect gift for law students, lawyers, and anyone who has wondered what law school is like.PRODUCT WARNINGTHIS BOOK IS HAZARDOUSLY FUNNY. DO NOT READ IT IN SITUATIONS WHERE LAUGHING IS INAPPROPRIATE OR DANGEROUS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, SERMONS, FUNERALS, POLICE INTERROGATIONS, SEEING SOMEONE NAKED FOR THE FIRST TIME, STARING CONTESTS, ROOT CANALS, RELATIONSHIP BREAKUPS AND ESPECIALLY LAW SCHOOL CLASSES.

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